The E-Series – Mark V is a variable speed booster system with a PLC based controller. This system is capable of controlling up to a four pump package system utilizing a user-friendly color touchscreen HMI (Human Machine Interface) to monitor the system conditions, and adjust the system settings. This system monitors the system discharge pressure via a 4-20 mA signal pressure transducer. This provides a precise pressure control and user flexibility. In addition to this sensor, a suction pressure transducer and/or a flow meter can be added to extend the control and flexibility of the system. The main objective of this pumping package is to maintain a constant pressure, adjusting the speed and amount of pumps to run according to the building’s demand.

The system is capable of staging pumps on and off based on pressure and/or flow, while alternating pumps to keep the run times balanced between them. The Mark V controller uses the TIGERFLOW “TAP” Technology, ASHRAE 90.1 compliant, to adjust the pressure setpoint and reduce the energy consumption. BAS integration with the E-Series controller is possible through Modbus or BACnet communication protocols.

See the HMI’s specification for further details.

MARK V control by Tigerflow Systems


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