Bango Refining


Throughout the 1950’s, 60’s and early 70’s most used oil was disposed of by simply dumping the oil onto the ground. This could contaminate a million gallons of drinking water as well as interfere with the sewer systems. Bango Refining’s new advanced re-refining technology restores used oil back into its original life cycle, over and over again. By re-refining used oil, we all conserve and recycle our natural resources, reduce air pollution and provide ourselves with a better environment. They are fully utilizing our natural resources to provide a cleaner world.

We would like to thank our rep, The Brown Company, for this opportunity.

System Description

TIGERFLOW was fortunate enough to design and build a, TF-2000-HSC-DEHO-HV-FM-MR, engineered packaged engine driven fire pump system, with a 10′ 8″ W x 28′ Lx li’ 9″ H prefabricated environmental enclosure.

Bango Refining utilized TIGERFLOW’s:

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