15 Aug 2018
ISO Audit | Continuing ISO 9001:2015 / Full Design Certification

At TIGERFLOW, we take great pride in that every system we engineer not only meets the rigorous standards required by law but that we also go the extra mile to receive various certifications from industry watchdogs, state and national governments and international organizations. To uphold these multiple certifications, our facility and processes are occasionally reviewed….

03 Aug 2018
Knowing Your Incoming System Pressure Means Getting the Right System Size

Safety is always top priority. It trumps everything no matter what, and nothing can put your building and employees in more danger than having an improper system size. In today’s blog, TIGERFLOW is covering the importance of knowing your incoming system pressure to select the proper system and system components. Knowing Your Incoming System Pressure When…

27 Jul 2018
TIGERFLOW Booster System

All TIGERFLOW systems are masterfully engineered, but on occasion, some customers have experienced speed control issues with overshooting and short-cycling. To ensure that your system doesn’t overshoot its setpoint pressure or short-cycle by turning on and off too frequently, use this nifty infographic to fine tune your TIGERFLOW Mark V controller. For over thirty years, TIGERFLOW…

20 Jul 2018
Pre-Engineered Standard Assemblies

When clients order a TIGERFLOW system, that means they already have a need for the system and they want to fill that need as quickly as possible. One of the ways TIGERFLOW makes the overall process more time efficient is by utilizing pre-designed standard assemblies. Read today’s blog to gain a further understanding of our…

17 Jul 2018
TIGERFLOW Systems LLC Names Nancy Abraham as the Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Nancy Abraham Brings 20 Years of Industry Experience to TIGERFLOW Media Contact: John Truett, Director of Sales, 214-364-6798 Dallas, TX, 7/17/2018 —TIGERFLOW today announced that Nancy Abraham has been named the Southeast Regional Sales Manager. Nancy’s responsibilities include sales and specification of plumbing, fire, municipal and HVAC skid packages throughout her territory. Nancy is strategically based…

16 Jul 2018
Reading Fatal Alarms TIGERFLOW Infographic

All TIGERFLOW systems are masterfully engineered, but nonetheless, issues can still arise. If you’re notified that a fatal alarm has sounded on your system, stay calm and check the system status screen. The fatal alarm that went off will be clearly visible. Once you’ve gotten to that point, you can use the infographic below to…

18 May 2018
Crating the Right Way

Here at TIGERFLOW, creating the perfect water distribution system is only half of the battle, getting it to you is the other half. In 2017, we discovered a need to update our crating method so we set our sights on a better system transport solution. This is when we developed our signature crating technique that…

16 May 2018
TIGERFLOW’s On-Time Shipments Task Force

At TIGERFLOW, we take a personal responsibility in delivering excellence for all of your system needs. That’s why we’ve developed an On-Time Shipments Task Force to ensure that you get your system when you need it most. We strive to deliver quality, price competitive systems to our customers on time, no matter how big or…

26 Mar 2018
TIGERFLOW Systems LLC Names Kai Zhang as Director of Finance

Kai Zhang Brings 10 Years of Experience to TIGERFLOW Media Contact: Manny Rodriguez Jr., President, 214-337-8780 Dallas, TX, (3/26/2018) —TIGERFLOW today announced that Kai Zhang has been named Director of Finance. Kai will lead the accounting team and manage the company’s finances, including financial planning, management of financial risks, record keeping and financial reporting. “Kai’s…