17 Nov 2015

Rich Smith here-coming to you live with the plumbing market news and notes! This past couple months has seen us finding two new reps. The Fluid Systems guys are a company that I took away from SyncroFlo. They are a great group of young guys! They are hungry and aggressive killers out there pushing TIGERFLOW and doing very well so far. Monumental Equipment is a company that Keith knew and I knew the owner from General Pump and Machinery. Monumental has already sold a system to Decatur Hospital and made us look like absolute rock stars! Being able to retrofit plumbing boosters here in Atlanta and the State of Georgia is exactly what we needed!

The past three months have seen a lot of changes within the market itself. I am finding and competing with more “Booster Pump” businesses daily. It’s really amazing to see so many companies popping up in every single state. The good news is this: TIGERFLOW is considered the system of ALL systems. I think we have all heard that at one time or another but it’s ringing true. The fact remains in life….You can always buy a cheap car that looks good and runs good but if it’s not a Mercedes then it’s just a cheap car that looks and runs good! We are the Mercedes of the Pump World!

Right now my biggest initiative is finding the correct rainwater harvesting companies to build business relationships with. Rainwater is typically hard water so those collecting it will need industrial water softeners to make the water more usable for whatever purpose it may be. We have to get ahead of the pack and stay there. We have the industries greatest source of knowledge and expertise in Mr Keith Pirtle! That guy is a machine!

Ryan and I recently worked together and are going to formulate a broadcast email to every engineering firm that is registered with ASPE in efforts to start setting up bi-monthly engineering webcasts. I have personally been in touch with a ton of city ASPE chapters nationwide to ask how they felt about this aggressive stance and they have been very
receptive and willing to help.

Thank you guys and ladies for all the help and support! I am proud to be a member of this team. Tim Jordan is grinding out there and I am constantly hearing his name. Ryan has been a tornado in taking the HVAC market to a great place and Pete is getting a ton of traction out there too. Keep up the AMAZING work!


Rich Smith is National Sales Manager, Commercial Plumbing