14 Dec 2018
technical support

At some point or another, it’s possible that an end user may come across an electrical or mechanical issue on their system that may require professional assistance to solve. In today’s blog, we’re covering how users in these situations can best direct their technical support questions to get the answers they need. We want to give the best we can to our customers, so looking into other ways of supporting that, such as a Managed Service Provider Melbourne, except a company in our area, may be beneficial in getting technology help to our customers.

Start with the TIGERFLOW Website

The first course of action should be to consult the SUPPORT page on the website. There, the user will find our FAQs, which provides answers and solutions to most of the more common issues that end users may experience.

Contact Local TIGERFLOW Representative

If the FAQ section doesn’t provide the desired solution, you can contact your local TIGERFLOW representative who can likely provide greater detail on the history of the system and make a local service call if needed. If the system has a sticker or decal with the information of the local representative, please give the rep a call before addressing the main office. You can find your local TIGERFLOW representative by using the search rep function on our website.

Reach Out to TIGERFLOW Directly

If your rep is unable to provide adequate assistance, or the issue is greater than anticipated, the SUPPORT page also has email addresses for various groups at TIGERFLOW headquarters that can provide further assistance. You can also contact the more general, support@tigerflow.com email. When emailing about a system, please try to provide as much detail about the system in question as possible, including Production Number, Model Number and Job Name. A phone number is also provided for after-hours assistance if urgently needed. If it’s during regular business hours, call our main office at 214-337-8780 and ask for electrical or mechanical tech support.

At TIGERFLOW, we stand behind every system that we manufacture, and we don’t let them leave our facility without being thoroughly tested. Getting a TIGERFLOW system means getting a system that is back by a pumping systems manufacturer who is relentlessly dedicated to customer support. As long as you use our system, we’ve got your back.