19 Mar 2018
Making Your Pump System Fit with Custom System Designs

Part of TIGERFLOW’s renowned tenacity comes from us not being afraid of taking on a difficult project. Whether it’s the system requirements or system design, we take on projects that others may shied away from. At TIGERFLOW, we can design our pump system to fit into some unique spaces. This engineered to order (ETO) approach gives us the flexibility to engineer to whatever your needs are.

It Starts with a Conversation

The whole process of making an ETO pump system starts with a conversation between our engineers and you, our customer. During this meeting, we’ll discuss the in-depth needs of your system, especially how much space we’ll have to work with. Depending on whether the system needs to fit through a doorway, or placed in other small spaces, we can accomplish an ideal design several ways.

Designing for Your Needs

Some of the main ways TIGERFLOW designs to your project’s unique needs is by splitting the skid, allowing for off-skid support and/or designing more vertically rather than horizontally. Before we ever touch a single piece of metal, we design your entire system in Autodesk Inventor. This allows us to virtually design and test your system to ensure that when we start cutting the metal and building, that we’re building an ETO pump system that will perfectly fit your space and needs.

Engineered with Serviceability in Mind

TIGERFLOW goes beyond just making sure your system will fit into your space by taking into account system serviceability, which is often overlooked by other manufacturers. Serviceability is how accessible critical items are, should they ever need to be repaired or replaced. In other words, if the pump motor needs to be replaced, we make sure that it’s easily accessible rather than other items on the system needing to be removed first just to access the pump motor. This makes it easier on the service technicians because they can get straight to the component and easier on the customer because their system can be serviced faster.

If you’re in need of a small-footprint custom system designs, then contact your local TIGERFLOW representative. We look forward to working with you and providing you with a TIGERFLOW system that perfectly fits your distinct requirements.