29 Apr 2016

Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence

President’s Perspective

PRIDE. Think about that word for a moment. What does it mean to you? What exactly does pride mean to you professionally? I’d like to share what PRIDE means for the people of TIGERFLOW. For TIGERFLOW it means Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence. That’s what PRIDE means to us.

For those of you that have come to know us I think you’ll agree that we take great pride in the work we do. It’s who we are, part of our fiber, our being. I look at so many of our top reps and see that same instinct to excel, no matter the challenge. Thank you for being our partners.

2015 saw so much critical change and growth in every single area. We grew in every line of business. Plumbing, Fire, HVAC, and Municipal all grew, some lines almost doubled in growth. Along with those changes we are growing with talent as well to support our reps and product offerings. We’re moving towards a Project Management Office driven workflow so reps who bring higher value and higher spec work can have the very best project management and attention available. Plans are also in place to use professional flagpole installation at our premises to fly our company flag high. Pride in what we do is at the core of who we are, so it makes sense to show that to our customers.

We’ve reignited the spirit of innovation and new product development after so many years of perceived stagnation. That stagnation is not who we are anymore. We WILL continue to develop and expand our product offering. The addition of a dedicated global product manager and a reorganization of engineering assets served us well in our final push toward the CTO booster launch and a plethora of internal improvements concerning pricing, value engineering, and a strategic plan towards new product and new market development. Further, we’ve modernized our image through updated marketing, including a new website and literature. We continue to modernize our facility and by February 14th we’ll have an upgraded test facility, complete with webcams and recording capability so every test will have a visual record. The ability to remote witness test with real time access to data will be a few mouse clicks away. A reorganization of the factory floor is scheduled for this year as is renovation of the office space. Both projects will allow us to continue growing in our current space with the modern facilities that top talent deserves and one our reps can be proud of when they visit with their customers.

This team is driven by Core Values that keep us strong on a daily basis and guide us in times of adversity. The values drive the PRIDE that drives TIGERFLOW:

Leadership: We strive, every day, to be the leaders within the industry. We believe in leadership through ethical business, innovation, and being the company of choice for representatives, engineers, contractors, and employees.

Quality: We consistently build dependable systems that inspire confidence and create loyal clientele.

Partnership: We believe in creating strong partnerships with representatives, vendors, engineers, and contractors. We like to win and it’s easier to win with strong partners.

Customer Focus: We never forget that we exist to serve and support our customers. We must strive to earn their trust and keep it. We must communicate at all levels to understand their problems and be their trusted source of solutions.

Team Oriented: We depend on one another for strength and accountability. We’re driven to success and will not let our team mates down. We recognize that the strengths and creativity of the individual will make the team stronger as long as we keep our company’s success and our customer’s success as our main goals.

I hope reading these values and seeing our actions help you understand who we are and who we are striving to be. Thank you for your partnership and a special thank you and congratulations to our top ten reps who form the backbone of our business. Thank you.



  1. AMES, Inc.
  2. Dolphin Equipment Corporation
  3. The Brown Company
  4. McCook Sales
  5. The Gellert Company
  6. Hydronic Systems, Inc. (now HSI Comfort)
  7. Underwood Fire Equipment
  8. Alliance Equipment of Texas/Texas Fire
  9. Dowdy & Associates
  10. Gaudin Equipment & Supply Co., Inc.