04 Jan 2016


“When Performance Matters”

What an exciting first half of the year it has been for TIGERFLOW and our reps! We continue to make positive strides in so many areas. On time delivery has been below 90% only once in the last four months, and it was 86%! Long gone are the days of 30% on time delivery. Warranty claims have been at an all-time low, especially considering the volume we have been producing.

We’ve finally released our Configured To Order (CTO) booster station with both vertical multi stage and end suction pump options. Reps can price their own boosters now through the Global Proposal System (GPS) located on our website. Beta testing is complete on the configuration software and reps will soon have access to the final production version of the configurator.

TIGERFLOW continues to grow in capability and we have brought on three Manny Rodrigue z, Jr., President new talented Tigers to help provide you value. We have hired a new controls engineer, mechanical engineer, and for the first time ever, a global product manager. The Global Product anager will interface with all aspects of the business to improve our current offering and guide development of new product. Your input as reps is the most vital aspect of this effort.

Most importantly, we continue to grow as a company because of our awesome reps. For those of you who have worked closely with me you know that I believe firmly in the partnership between rep and factory. There are many manufacturers who believe the rep is an employee. There are many reps who walk on manufacturers believing the same thing. I believe it is a partnership. The rep and factory are two halves that together make a strong relationship. Neither works directly for the other but we constantly have to work on our relationship, communication, and trust to maximize this partnership. We are accountable to each other and must support and champion each other as equal partners in this relationship. I want our reps to have a different kind of feeling when dealing with TIGERFLOW. Not only of trust and timely communication, but that “WOW!” factor that only truly special organizations can achieve. One way we’re moving towards this is by changing our approach to new rep onboarding. We’ve structured a schedule of support and expectations designed to get the reps off the ground and producing as quickly as possible. We do this through structured training, factory visits, and formalized sales support in the rep’s area, all accomplished within the first 90 days of a new contract. This gives the rep the best chance of success with our line and shows the rep that we’re serious about investing in their livelihood.

We’re stronger together than apart. I encourage you to identify your best relationship and/or prospective customers and invite them to our factory for a visit. We’ll gladly subsidize the expense. There’s no price one can place on strong relationships. Our reps are worth it.