16 May 2018
TIGERFLOW’s On-Time Shipments Task Force

At TIGERFLOW, we take a personal responsibility in delivering excellence for all of your system needs. That’s why we’ve developed an On-Time Shipments Task Force to ensure that you get your system when you need it most. We strive to deliver quality, price competitive systems to our customers on time, no matter how big or small the order may be. Here are the ways we’re continuously improving our shipping process.

On-Time Shipments Task Force 

In mid-2017, TIGERFLOW formed a task force to investigate the ways in which we could provide on-time shipments, or OTS, to each and every one of our customers. We gathered leaders from multiple departments to inspect every aspect of our shipping process. We combined the expertise from our Production, Project Management, Purchasing, Inventory and Customer Experience departments to provide us with some much-needed insights.

The Continuous Improvement Process

The OTS Task Force started by reviewing every detail of every order from the last 12 months on a microscopic level. We then isolated the later arrivals to determine what caused the delays for each job. After determining the cause of why some of these orders arrived later than others, we were able to provide on-time shipments on a much more consistent basis. Our weekly production meetings serve as a checks-and-balances system to ensure on-time shipments.

In addition to our weekly production meetings, the OTS Task Force meets every two weeks to review the jobs from the previous two weeks. This allows us the opportunity to immediately correct issues that are putting our deliveries at risk. With our weekly and bi-weekly meetings, in addition to our new scheduling tool, we have already seen immense improvements on our delivery accuracy.

On-time shipments are important to our team because our customers are important to TIGERFLOW. They expect to have their systems delivered on time, and we strive to achieve that goal for every order. When a shipment gets off schedule, it affects the scheduling process for our entire operation. Ensuring on-time shipments is just one way that we are continuously improving the way we operate and embodying our tenacious by nature mentality. Have any questions regarding our OTS task force? Contact us today!