12 Apr 2018
TIGERFLOW Systems LLC Names Michael Piske as Applications Engineer

Media Contact: Micah Spurgeon, Applications Engineering Manager, 214-337-8780

Dallas, TX, (4/12/2018)—TIGERFLOW today announced that Michael Piske has joined the Applications Engineering team. Michael will be assisting front end design, more specifically the specification, layout and quoting of jobs. Michael brings over 20 years of electrical experience along with 30 years of working with mechanical engineering and design. His extensive experience in both mechanical and electrical engineer will be an extremely valuable resource for the inside sales team.

Michael most recently worked for Xylem, Inc., primarily on the A-C fire line but, in addition he worked on Booster, Irrigation, Municipal, RO and various other lines. His experience in the industry allows him to hit the ground running and immediately begin working without a large learning curve.

“I am excited to be working with TIGERFLOW and all the TIGERFLOW representatives, and I am looking forward to exceeding everyone’s expectations. Additionally, one of my major goals is to engineer new tools the help facilitate the growth and strengthening of TIGERFLOW.” – Michael Piske, Applications Engineer

“Michael is a huge addition to the inside sales with his significant experience in both mechanical and electrical engineer and we are happy have on join our team.” –  Micah Spurgeon, Applications Engineering Manager

For additional information, contact: Micah Spurgeon, Applications Engineering Manager

For over thirty years, TIGERFLOW Systems LLC is an industry leader in manufacturing engineered packaged pumping systems. Based out of Dallas since 1985, TIGERFLOW was founded to design, manufacture and ship the best packaged system for many different markets like Plumbing, Municipal, Industrial, Fire, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and Irrigation.