Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel

TIGERFLOW recently completed the commissioning of a packaged boiler plant for the Eisenhower-Johnson Memorial Tunnel. The Tunnel on Interstate 70 in Colorado is the highest vehicle tunnel in the world at an altitude 11,158 feet. In a typical year the tunnel will see two to three vehicle on fire. The threat of these fires is always a major concern, and an effective fire suppression system is necessary to maintain the safe operation of the tunnel. The TIGERFLOW boiler package provides heat to the fire suppression equipment to keep it from freezing in the harsh conditions, over two miles above sea level.

The TIGERFLOW packaged boiler plant includes two Lochinvar 1.44 million BTU boilers, variable-primary hydronic pumps, an Alfa Laval heat exchanger, and a complete secondary hot water pumping system. A split skid design was employed due to the tight space requirements inside the tunnel. Special accommodations had to be made to de-rate and correctly size the equipment at such an extreme altitude.

We would like to thank Mitch Miller from Unit Process for all his hard work in making this a successful project.