Over 100 years ago, Glenn L. Martin established the Glenn L. Martin Company after building his first plane in a rented church, where he took on a risky but innovative new aircraft design at the urging of Orville Wright. In 1912, Allan and Malcolm Lockheed founded the Alco Hydro-Aeroplane Company, while working out of a garage, and later renamed the Lockheed Aircraft Company.

System Description

TIGERFLOW was given the opportunity to design and build four heat transfer systems for Lockheed Martin. Each heat transfer system consists of:

  • (1) Taco shell and tube heat exchanger
  • (2) 10 HP Taco, series Fl, cast iron, bronze fitted end suction pumps
  • (1) Taco series 4900, ASME air separator*
  • (2) Taco 2.5″ x 2.5″ suction diffusers
  • (1) Taco 57-gallon, ASME Diaphragm expansion tank

The Lockheed Martin Air Force Plant utilized TIGERFLOW’s:

  • HVAC Packaged Central Utility System

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