Control systems for every market need


  • Dedicated Controls Engineers
  • UL 508A Listed Control Panel
  • PLC and HMI controller equipment
  • Custom designed control algorithms and screens
  • Modbus or BACnet communication for BMS integration and field-adjustable parameters

Standard Features

  • System control based on PLC/HMI technology
  • Non-volatile memory for all user setpoints
  • 6” Color touch screen HMI
  • “TAP” technology setpoint adjustment
  • Individual HOA pump operation
  • Individual pump run indication/verification
  • Pump sequencing based on pressure and/or flow
  • Field adjustable settings
  • Pump alternation
  • Event history records up to 100 past events
  • Suction & discharge pressure read out in PSI
  • High suction economy mode
  • 7 Password protected levels of security
  • Field adjustable passwords
  • Multiple communication protocols (BACnet, ModBus, Profinet, etc.)
  • Communication ports RS-485, RS-232, Ethernet, etc.
  • Touch safe DC power supply
  • 24 VDC digital I/O
  • Thru door disconnect(s) with individual motor fused or circuit breaker protection
  • Alarm horn & indicating light

Controller Models

  • Mark II – Constant speed booster system
  • Mark III – Tank level control
  • Mark IV – HVAC Constant speed
  • Mark V – Variable speed booster system
  • Mark VI – HVAC variable speed
  • Mark VIII – Data center control system
  • Mark R – Rainwater and greywater pumping system
  • Mark X – Total Process HVAC System: Any combination of two or more of the above systems


  • Flowmeter & flow totalizing
  • Individual alarm dry contacts
  • Pump run validation DP switches
  • Telemetry – local/remote
  • Pressure signal retransmission 4-20 mA
  • Flow signal retransmission 0-10 V DC
  • Power monitor w/ alarm
  • Multiple power feeds
  • Data logging
  • Wire-to-water efficiency
  • Custom programmed features
  • Phase monitor
  • Lightning arrestor
  • TVSS
  • Circuit breakers
  • Motor overload alarm
  • NEMA 4X – stainless steel enclosure
  • Multiple HMI screen sizes
  • Multiple PLC manufacturers (Allen-Bradley, Schneider, Eaton, etc.)
  • Custom programmed features


  • Schools
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals
  • Shopping Centers
  • Apartment Buildings
  • Retrofit

Product Certification

TIGERFLOW Certification


Mark V Controllers Product Information

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