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Provide diverse engineered water pumping solutions to meet the world’s needs

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24 – 28 September, 2016 at New Orleans Morial Convention Center

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When Performance Matters

TIGERFLOW manufactures systems for many different markets like Plumbing, Municipal, Industrial, Fire, HVAC, and Irrigation. Each TIGERFLOW packaged system is factory built and tested to meet specification before it gets shipped. We are known to provide innovative solutions to global water challenges, through custom design, engineering, and excellent sales support.

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TIGERFLOW Glycol Makeup Unit

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully redesigned our glycol make up offering, as promised in the first quarter of this year; while reducing the selling price by approximately twenty five percent.

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2016 is proving to be an exciting year for packaged HVAC systems. We are proud to welcome eight new reps to the HVAC team. We have been able to expand our relationships with some reps and we have also welcomed new members of our TIGERFLOW family.

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Engineering 2016

Starting in the early 1990’s the building automation systems (BAS), known also as building management systems (BMS), became a fundamental part of new building construction and renovations.

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PRIDE. Think about that word for a moment. What does it mean to you? What exactly does pride mean to you professionally? I’d like to share what PRIDE means for the people of TIGERFLOW.

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Personal Responsibility In Delivering Excellence