25 Jul 2023

Expanding Our Engineering Team

Media Contact: Demetrio Velasco, General Manager

Dallas, TX, 7/25/2023 —

We are thrilled to share the news of the recent expansion of our engineering team with the addition of highly skilled engineers and new roles for our growing workforce.

Joining us at the beginning of the year is an Applications Engineer with over 20 years of experience in the design, selection, and application of pumps for various industries. Mauricio “Doc” Camacho brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in this field and will be a valuable asset in providing our customers with the best possible solutions for their pumping needs.

Monique Lopez has joined our Applications Engineering team, where she will provide exceptional support to the Plumbing and HVAC industries. With her expertise in heat exchanger design and extensive knowledge of heating and cooling applications, Monique will undoubtedly contribute greatly to our team’s success. Her experience and skill set will allow us to further elevate our service offerings in these critical sectors.

In recognition of her outstanding performance and dedication, Lexi Lu has been promoted to the role of Project Manager. Lexi has been an invaluable team member, consistently providing excellent customer support and demonstrating her expertise in business support duties. In her new role, she will continue to excel in these areas while also working on automating and optimizing our processes. Lexi’s promotion not only rewards her hard work but also reinforces our commitment to fostering growth and development within our organization.


Additionally, we have welcomed Junjie Liang and Vineetha Bitragunta as Electrical Engineers with a strong background in electrical calculations, wiring schematics, and the ability to design, develop and test electrical systems. They are highly skilled in electrical engineering principles and will be a valuable resource for our customers and our internal projects.

We have also added Domanique Johnson, a Mechanical Engineer with extensive knowledge and experience in HVAC systems and exceptional 3D modeling skills. She has a strong background in mechanical engineering and will be a valuable resource in the design, development, and testing of Plumbing and HVAC systems. Her 3D modeling skills will also be an asset in creating accurate and detailed drawings and submittals, which will help expedite the process and ensure the customer’s requirements are met.

Jonathan Yamashita has shown a consistent track record of being proactive and willing to help on multiple facets of the engineering department, and as such he will expand on that by taking on as a Mechanical Engineering Lead and providing continuous support on coordination for the engineering and production teams.

Overall, the addition of these engineers will provide robust support to our customers and greatly enhance our ability to generate drawings and submittals in a timely manner, which will help to streamline the process and ensure that our customer’s requirements are met. We look forward to the contributions these engineers will make to our organization and the positive impact they will have on our customer’s projects.

For additional information, contact: Demetrio Velasco, General Manager

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