07 Jan 2022

WELCOME BACK! Micah Spurgeon returns to the TIGERFLOW team

Media Contact: Demetrio Velasco, General Manager

Dallas, TX, 1/7/2022 — Our applications engineering team gets a premium reinforcement with the return of Micah Spurgeon. Micah has been in the industry for over nine years and brings huge expertise in HVAC, HTS, and Booster pumps systems knowledge.

Micah will be based in Dallas, working directly with the rest of the applications engineering team and the people at the factory.

“Micah is an awesome addition to the team; he’s respected and appreciated by both employees and customers. I could not be happier to have him back on the team.” – Demetrio Velasco, General Manager

Micah returns from a stint of work with another manufacturer in the industry and brings the experience required to keep the HVAC line development at TIGERFLOW.

“I am thrilled to be once again joining the TIGERFLOW team. I can’t wait to continue working with those of you who were here in 2019 and am looking forward to meeting all the new partners who have come along since then.” – Micah Spurgeon, Applications Engineer

TIGERFLOW is excited to bring Micah Spurgeon onto the team.

For additional information, contact: Demetrio Velasco, General Manager

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