14 Nov 2018

New Product Names Reflect the New “Tenacious by Nature” TIGERFLOW Brand Identity   Dallas, TX, (11/14/18)—TIGERFLOW today announced that they will be rebranding all product lines. The new names were created to align with the updated brand identity and to set TIGERFLOW’s products apart from other similar products within their respective industries. “We’re one of the…

09 Nov 2018
The Importance of NSF/ANSI 61 Certification

Making sure that you have clean water that’s safe to drink is extremely important, and you wouldn’t just leave that sort of thing up to a guarantee. That’s why all TIGERFLOW CTO systems carry the special NSF/ANSI 61 certification, which signifies that they can be used for potable drinking water. Today, we’re going a little…

21 Sep 2018
NPSHa vs Temperature

Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHa) is the absolute total suction head in feet at the pump suction. This value must be greater than the Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHr) for the pump. NPSHr for a pump is typically indicated as a curve for the pump curve range as well as a number for…

12 Sep 2018

When to Use an Expansion Tank Expansion tanks are primarily used in water booster applications to keep the pump from starting excessively due to small piping leaks in a building (leak load). Excessive starting not only shortens the life of the controls and the pump’s motor, but it’s also costly in terms of energy use….

15 Aug 2018
ISO Audit | Continuing ISO 9001:2015 / Full Design Certification

At TIGERFLOW, we take great pride in that every system we engineer not only meets the rigorous standards required by law but that we also go the extra mile to receive various certifications from industry watchdogs, state and national governments and international organizations. To uphold these multiple certifications, our facility and processes are occasionally reviewed….

28 Sep 2016

President’s Perspective Character is a trait that truly gets exposed only during some of the most trying times in one’s life. I am not of the camp that believes character is built during trying times. Character is built prior to the rough times and exposed during. Character is first instilled by parents, then teachers, then…

22 Jul 2016

2016 is proving to be an exciting year for packaged HVAC systems. We are proud to welcome eight new reps to the HVAC team. We have been able to expand our relationships with some reps and we have also welcomed new members of our TIGERFLOW family.

04 May 2016

Starting in the early 1990’s the building automation systems (BAS), known also as building management systems (BMS), became a fundamental part of new building construction and renovations.

29 Apr 2016

PRIDE. Think about that word for a moment. What does it mean to you? What exactly does pride mean to you professionally? I’d like to share what PRIDE means for the people of TIGERFLOW.

04 Jan 2016

What an exciting first half of the year it has been for TIGERFLOW and our reps! We continue to make positive strides in so many areas. On time delivery has been below 90% only once in the last four months, and it was 86%! Long gone are the days of 30% on time delivery.