16 Oct 2020

TIGERFLOW Systems Receives a Patent for an Energy-Efficient Control Algorithm Media Contact: Demetrio Velasco, General Manager Dallas, TX, 10/16/2020 — TIGERFLOW’s Sr. Controls Engineer, Minh Truong, led an effort to develop an energy-efficient control algorithm better suited to control pump stations than a typical PID control method. The US Patent 20170060145 A1 for the algorithm, developed…

21 Sep 2018
NPSHa vs Temperature

Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHa) is the absolute total suction head in feet at the pump suction. This value must be greater than the Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHr) for the pump. NPSHr for a pump is typically indicated as a curve for the pump curve range as well as a number for…

12 Sep 2018

When to Use an Expansion Tank Expansion tanks are primarily used in water booster applications to keep the pump from starting excessively due to small piping leaks in a building (leak load). Excessive starting not only shortens the life of the controls and the pump’s motor, but it’s also costly in terms of energy use….