16 Oct 2020

TIGERFLOW Systems Receives a Patent for an Energy-Efficient Control Algorithm

Media Contact: Demetrio Velasco, General Manager

Dallas, TX, 10/16/2020 —

TIGERFLOW’s Sr. Controls Engineer, Minh Truong, led an effort to develop an energy-efficient control algorithm better suited to control pump stations than a typical PID control method.

The US Patent 20170060145 A1 for the algorithm, developed in conjunction with Ryan Morris and support from the rest of TIGERFLOW’s engineering group, provides a stable frequency output that outperforms more traditional control methods for pumping stations by using a polynomial equation to calculate the adjustment.

From the US Patent document:

“Typically, water pumping systems are controlled with a proportional-integral-derivative (“PID”) controller… However, PID controllers do not provide optimal control because they rely on a constant set of proportional, integral, and derivative parameters. Further, PID controllers, perform poorly when the PID loop gains must be reduced which leads to overshoot or oscillation of the desired value”. Read the full document here.

The proprietary control method is included in all our Mark V Series controllers for domestic water booster, municipal water distribution, and rainwater systems, among other open-loop pumping applications.

To learn more about TIGERFLOW’s control algorithm and pumping-related subjects, contact your local representative, and ask for TIGERFLOW’s continuous development training programs.

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