14 Nov 2018

New Product Names Reflect the New “Tenacious by Nature” TIGERFLOW Brand Identity   Dallas, TX, (11/14/18)—TIGERFLOW today announced that they will be rebranding all product lines. The new names were created to align with the updated brand identity and to set TIGERFLOW’s products apart from other similar products within their respective industries. “We’re one of the…

17 Jul 2018
TIGERFLOW Systems LLC Names Nancy Abraham as the Southeast Regional Sales Manager

Nancy Abraham Brings 20 Years of Industry Experience to TIGERFLOW Media Contact: John Truett, Director of Sales, 214-364-6798 Dallas, TX, 7/17/2018 —TIGERFLOW today announced that Nancy Abraham has been named the Southeast Regional Sales Manager. Nancy’s responsibilities include sales and specification of plumbing, fire, municipal and HVAC skid packages throughout her territory. Nancy is strategically based…

19 Jan 2018
Brian Antal

Brian Brings 4 Years of Industry Experience to TIGERFLOW Media Contact: Demetrio Velasco, 214-337-8780 Dallas, TX, 1/19/2018 – TIGERFLOW today announced that Brian Antal has been named Mechanical Engineering Lead. Brian will be responsible for the coordination and execution of jobs through design engineering, along with ensuring the welfare of his team. Brian will also…

18 Dec 2017

Bringing 17 Years of Industry Experience, Nichole Fraley Joins the TIGERFLOW Team Media Contact: John Truett, Director of Sales, 214-337-8780 Dallas, TX, (December 2017)—TIGERFLOW announced today that Nichole Fraley has been named Northeast Regional Sales Manager. Nichole brings to TIGERFLOW 17 years of pump and skid package expertise. Nichole’s responsibilities include sales and specification of plumbing,…

18 Dec 2017

Bringing 14 Years of Industry Experience, Brandon Moore Joins the TIGERFLOW Team Media Contact: Charles Machann, Project Manager Lead, 214-337-8780 Dallas, TX, (December 2017)—TIGERFLOW announced today that Brandon Moore has been named the newest Project Manager, reporting to Charles Machann. Brandon will be responsible for managing higher-level specification packaged systems, from the engineering phase to project completion…

22 Jul 2016

We present you with old and new Tigers…

22 Jul 2016
LSU Patrick School of Engineering

PATRICK TAYLOR COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING – LSU with Gaudin Equipment & Supply Company, Inc.

22 Jul 2016

I am pleased to announce that we have successfully redesigned our glycol make up offering, as promised in the first quarter of this year; while reducing the selling price by approximately twenty five percent.

16 Feb 2016

I took over this position in the third quarter of 2015, and it has been great ride so far. The past few months have given us a chance to focus on all aspects of the business, think about how we can improve our current offerings, develop market based product strategies, and stay more cost-effective and competitive along the way. Your input as reps is the most vital aspect of this effort.