06 Jan 2021

TIGERFLOW Expands into South Korea

Media Contact: Demetrio Velasco

Dallas, TX, 1/6/2021 —

TIGERFLOW is expanding out into the South Korean market through the opening of a distribution branch, TIGERLFOW Korea.

This branch office will help introduce TIGERFLOW products, including boosters, fire protection, and centrifugal pumps into this market.

The offices located in Seoul, will provide close contact and support to the customer base, as well as the quality and excellence that is expected out of the TIGERFLOW products.

For more information regarding this and other projects in Korea, please send a request to jh.yun@tigerflowkorea.com, or see more contact information details in our Contact Page.

For over thirty years, TIGERFLOW Systems LLC has been an industry leader in manufacturing engineered packaged pumping systems. Based out of Dallas since 1985, TIGERFLOW was founded to design, manufacture and ship the best-packaged system for many different markets – Plumbing, Fire, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning, Irrigation Municipal and Industrial.