28 Mar 2019

TIGERFLOW‘s systems are typically one component of a larger project and we can provide engineering models to greatly accelerate any BIM project. To get the most useful information from our team, it’s important to know what kind of ‘CAD’ file you are looking for. Here is everything you need to know about file types for…

14 Jan 2019
hydropneumatic tanks

While TIGERFLOW water boosters are tenacious by nature all on their own, some situations could benefit with the addition of a hydropneumatic tank. Take a look at our infographic below to learn more about hydropneumatic tanks and when you may need to use them with our TIGERFLOW systems. Are you looking for a new system…

21 Sep 2018
NPSHa vs Temperature

Net Positive Suction Head Available (NPSHa) is the absolute total suction head in feet at the pump suction. This value must be greater than the Net Positive Suction Head Required (NPSHr) for the pump. NPSHr for a pump is typically indicated as a curve for the pump curve range as well as a number for…

06 Sep 2018
Hydropneumatic Tanks and Their Use with Domestic Water Boosters

The engineered water boosters from TIGERFLOW are designed to operate without needing add-on components, like hydropneumatic tanks. However, in certain situations and applications, the addition of these expansion tanks can be quite useful. In today’s blog, we’re covering the basics that you need to know about hydropneumatic tanks and how they are used with open…

15 Aug 2018
ISO Audit | Continuing ISO 9001:2015 / Full Design Certification

At TIGERFLOW, we take great pride in that every system we engineer not only meets the rigorous standards required by law but that we also go the extra mile to receive various certifications from industry watchdogs, state and national governments and international organizations. To uphold these multiple certifications, our facility and processes are occasionally reviewed….

27 Jul 2018
TIGERFLOW Booster System

All TIGERFLOW systems are masterfully engineered, but on occasion, some customers have experienced speed control issues with overshooting and short-cycling. To ensure that your system doesn’t overshoot its setpoint pressure or short-cycle by turning on and off too frequently, use this nifty infographic to fine tune your TIGERFLOW Mark V controller. For over thirty years, TIGERFLOW…