03 Aug 2018
Knowing Your Incoming System Pressure Means Getting the Right System Size

Safety is always top priority. It trumps everything no matter what, and nothing can put your building and employees in more danger than having an improper system size. In today’s blog, TIGERFLOW is covering the importance of knowing your incoming system pressure to select the proper system and system components.

Knowing Your Incoming System Pressure

When you know and can provide TIGERFLOW the incoming system pressure, then we can ensure that we’re building you a system that is completely capable of handling what you need. Knowing this also means that you won’t be paying more to get a bigger system than you need or putting your people in danger by the system not being sufficient enough to safely operate at the given pressures.

Effects of NOT Knowing the Incoming Pressure

So, what happens if you provide incorrect information or don’t know your incoming suction pressure? Well, by not correctly providing the incoming pressure, a system may be sized with valves and components that cannot handle the pressure.  When a pump shuts down there is a spike in pressure called ‘shut-off’ pressure, this pressure is combined with the incoming pressure to get the overall ‘system shut-off’ pressure.   All that’s to say, that if the incoming system pressure is higher than what’s reported can push that pressure over the pressure rating of a standard valve.  This, in turn, can lead to leaks, damage and possible injury to your facility and employees.

TIGERFLOW Keeps Safety a Top Priority

Unlike many of our competitors, TIGERFLOW checks this in a peer review process to ensure that the information provided is correct, and we can deliver you a quality system that does exactly what you need the first time. We also do this because the safety of your building and people are our top priority. With our decades of experience, we can guide you through the process of designing an engineered system that is truly right for your needs, and we aren’t afraid to put in the hard work to ensure it’s perfect.

It is immensely vital that you know your incoming system pressure and can provide that information to TIGERFLOW. Having the correct information is not only necessary for your system to be properly engineered, but it’s also essential to ensuring that your TIGERFLOW system runs efficiently and with minimal issues for years to come. If you have any questions regarding TIGERFLOW systems or how to start the process of getting one of our engineered systems, contact TIGERFLOW today.

Author: Erik Kurek, Mechanical Engineer