23 Feb 2018
TIGERFLOW Core Values: Partnership

At TIGERFLOW, we’re all about winning the business, and business is a lot easier to win when you have strong relationships with your representatives, vendors, engineers and contractors.

In our company, the employees selected the core values that they feel most encompass our company culture. The core value of Partnership is a critical part of our fiber as a team because the TIGERFLOW team extends outside of the walls of our factory. The factory is only one half of the TIGERFLOW team.


Our representatives form the core of the other half of this team. We are not a transaction-based business. Transactions occur but only because of the trust and teamwork necessary to win projects and those project opportunities only exist because of our representatives. As we further extend the team, we want to treat the consulting engineers, contractors and our own vendors just as we would our employees or representatives.

As we build trusting relationships, consulting engineers and contractors continue to utilize the TIGERFLOW product because they realize that TIGERFLOW means more than pumping systems. TIGERFLOW means trust. TIGERFLOW means competence. TIGERFLOW means true partnership.


We pride ourselves on being the most responsive company on a representative’s line card and also backing our products with warranties and maintenance services unlike any other company in the industry. Representatives and vendors proudly recommend TIGERFLOW products to clients because they know that every single solution we create is built to last, and if for whatever reason it doesn’t, we’ll make it right.

Our strong partnerships with every member of the system creation, installation and utilization journey also bodes well for our clients because they can breathe easy knowing that they are working with a company that boldly and ferociously stands behind our products and the solutions they provide.

TIGERFLOW has been forming many of these relationships for over three decades, and in that time our partners have seen us continue to grow and engineer more and more remarkable solutions for all around the country.

Start reaping the benefits of our exceptional partnerships by finding and contacting your nearest TIGERFLOW representative today. They’ll be more than happy to discuss your needs and system goals to help you discover which TIGERFLOW solution is right for you.