18 May 2018
Crating the Right Way

Here at TIGERFLOW, creating the perfect water distribution system is only half of the battle, getting it to you is the other half. In 2017, we discovered a need to update our crating method so we set our sights on a better system transport solution. This is when we developed our signature crating technique that provides your system with an extra layer of protection during transit.

“Is this something you would be happy to receive?”  

This is the first question we ask ourselves when we are crating a pumping system for transportation. TIGERFLOW understands that as much as our customers want high-quality pumping systems, they also want them to arrive in one piece. We developed a crating system that allows for no more than 10 inches of space between boards during construction. By doing this, we were able to greatly enhance the support the wood provides per section and ensure customer satisfaction.

Getting the Right People for the Job

 Our next step was seeking employees that had more hands-on experience with the specific tools required to create the perfect crating technique. Having the right employees in the right position can drastically change the way any business operates on a fundamental level. We understand that supporting our customers starts with providing them with the best of every aspect of their purchase. 

Continuous Improvement

Forming a more secure crating solution started with identifying the problems with our previous shipping method. We found two problems with the previous method, the construction of the crating and the lack of continuity in the crating position. By implementing a new crating procedure and finding employees with the right skill set we improved our crating process. Ensuring that your system arrives to you functional and intact is just one way we are continuously improving the way we operate.

Have any more questions regarding TIGERFLOW’s crating and systems transport design? Contact your local TIGERFLOW representative for more information!

Author: Daniel Peton, Inventory Control Manager