05 Sep 2015

The Modera Project is a $60,000,000, eleven building luxury garden apartment complex located in Laurel, Maryland. The owner weighed putting in a campus system versus individual boosters and high service pumps and found he could save several hundred thousand dollars going with the campus system while gaining space inside his buildings. Additionally, he looked at both a stick-built building versus a house package and not only did the house package save him money, but it also saved him headaches. Instead of five or six subcontractors he was able to use AMES and TIGERFLOW for the majority of his subcontract and only needed to hire subcontractors to pour the pad, set the system, connect the stubs to the headers and connect the power to the building. Due to the size and scope of this project and, most importantly, the speed that they’re building it, the obvious choice for the project manager was a pre-packaged building. The pre-packaged building came already installed with the controls, pumps, lighting, cellular autodialer, wiring, heating, and even a sprinkler system.

For the ownerless headaches, less chance of project delays! AMES and TIGERFLOW provided a turn-key solution for a man who just flat out didn’t need the additional headaches.

Technical Specifications:

  • Model #VMS-4000-VFD-NSF-PEC – FIVE 15 HP Pump Vertical Multi-stage Booster with VFD’S – NSF Certified With Prefabricated Environmental Enclosure
  • NSF Certified
  • Prefabricated Environmental Enclosure – 10’0” Wide x 23’0” Long x 8’0” High
  • Job is 495/1500 GPM @ 72/26 PSI
  • Sub-Micro NEMA 1 Variable Frequency Drives
  • BACnet Communications
  • Cellular Photo Auto Dialer
  • Diamond Plate Floor Deck
  • Sprinkler System

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