04 Nov 2015


“When Performance Matters”

The Tigers have sunk their teeth into 2015 and all the promise it holds for the rep network and all of our customers. We finished the year with record high on time delivery and record low warranty claims. The start of 2015 is already dramatically different than 2014 in so many positive ways. We continue to drive down our warranty claims and when we do make a mistake you have seen that we strive to correct it and work with the reps to make things right. We do what we say we are going to do.

Our delivery times keep improving. For example, our booster line that you are able to configure and order using the Global Proposal System (GPS-accessible from our website) has been reaching THREE DAY lead times!!! We think we can find a way to get this out the door in two days. It’s all about having the pumps available. And just so we’re on the same page, the CTO booster (configured to order) is the product and GPS (global proposal system) is the portal to access Manny Rodriguez, Jr., President the CTO configurator.

Many reps have been taking advantage of the rebate program for released jobs. I want to take this moment to remind everyone that we did NOT raise prices this year and we implemented a first quarter rebate program to help our reps be more competitive.

We also continue to push out product improvements. Our new MARK V control panel has some valuable additions without any increase in cost. We also continue to add options to our CTO booster line which I mentioned earlier.

This year we aim to redouble our efforts in three main areas. First, we want to perfect our fundamentals. Any great championship team gets the blocking and tackling down before trying to get fancy. The complaints I’d first heard when taking over were that we weren’t even getting the simple things right. Well, we are now. We will continue to get better and I think we’re already pretty darn good there. Second, we want to dominate the front end of the jobs. You need timely quoting, timely sales support, timely lunch and learns, timely submittals…well you get it. We need to help you win the battle before the fight even starts (forgive the Army in me crawling out). That’s why I’ve doubled the size of the sales force. Our engineering turnaround time shrank from 4.8 weeks at the beginning of 2014 to 1.1 weeks as of right now! We will get what you need in your hands. Lastly, we want to add value wherever we can find a way. That might mean something small like sending out a hardhat with the keys to your new fire house or it might mean working every weekend until your expectations are met. Tell us how you think we can add more value. We absolutely want to hear it and thank you for being a part of this team!