28 Sep 2016

President’s Perspective Character is a trait that truly gets exposed only during some of the most trying times in one’s life. I am not of the camp that believes character is built during trying times. Character is built prior to the rough times and exposed during. Character is first instilled by parents, then teachers, then…

29 Apr 2016

PRIDE. Think about that word for a moment. What does it mean to you? What exactly does pride mean to you professionally? I’d like to share what PRIDE means for the people of TIGERFLOW.

04 Jan 2016

What an exciting first half of the year it has been for TIGERFLOW and our reps! We continue to make positive strides in so many areas. On time delivery has been below 90% only once in the last four months, and it was 86%! Long gone are the days of 30% on time delivery.

04 Nov 2015

The Tigers have sunk their teeth into 2015 and all the promise it holds for the rep network and all of our customers. We finished the year with record high on time delivery and record low warranty claims.