14 Nov 2018

New Product Names Reflect the New “Tenacious by Nature” TIGERFLOW Brand Identity


Dallas, TX, (11/14/18)—TIGERFLOW today announced that they will be rebranding all product lines. The new names were created to align with the updated brand identity and to set TIGERFLOW’s products apart from other similar products within their respective industries.

“We’re one of the few companies in our industry that have an animal as part of our brand name. Tigers are “Tenacious by Nature” and so is TIGERFLOW. Where many others in the industry are just one form of generic water label or tech label, we can capitalize on our strong name in ways that actually generate some emotion among the market. Also, we are an aggressive brand in the marketplace and the rebranding effort reinforces our tenacity in doing business and taking care of our customers.” – Manny Rodriguez, President of TIGERFLOW

With the unique tiger identity of TIGERFLOW, these new product names showcase the different tiger species and their tenacity. Each industry is assigned a unique species of tiger, and each product’s name aligns with a feature or function of said product. The rebranding begins first in the plumbing and fire product lines.

The plumbing product line is now the “Bengal Boosters.” With the complete product names as follows:

  • Bengal Pounce – Residential Booster
  • Bengal Cub – Single Pump Booster
  • Bengal Blitz – Configured-to-Order Booster
  • Bengal Roar – Engineered-to-Order Booster

The fire product line is now rebranded as “Malayan.” With the complete product name as follows:

  • Malayan Guard – Fire Protection System

This is just the first rollout of the new rebranded product names, and TIGERFLOW will be releasing the names for the HVAC, Municipal, Industrial, Rainwater and Irrigation over the coming months. This new product nomenclature will enable consistent branding across all TIGERFLOW products as new products are added.

For additional information, contact: John Truett, Director of Sales, john.truett@tigerflow.com.

For over thirty years, TIGERFLOW Systems LLC is an industry leader in manufacturing engineered packaged pumping systems. Based out of Dallas since 1985, TIGERFLOW was founded to design, manufacture and ship the best-packaged system for many different markets like Plumbing, Municipal, Industrial, Fire, Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning and Irrigation.