15 Feb 2016

The takeover continues!  As we have entered 2016 it’s great to see that the momentum from the amazing year we had in 2015 will continue this year as well.  We have some pretty high profile projects coming up that we will be posting on the website complete with photos.  TIGERFLOW has been invited to the new Atlanta Braves Stadium to document and photo our system being installed and started up.  This is great news as this project we were able to steal away from the hometown manufacturer who tried very hard to discourage the contractor from buying our system.

Fact is that TIGERFLOW is rapidly becoming the industry standard nationwide and the measuring stick for quality as well.  We have come a long way in the past couple of years and we are making more positive strides and improvements daily.

2016 will see the TIGERFLOW team doing webinars with the most influential engineering firms and contractors.  We will be adding a new pump line to our standard plumbing systems that will allow us to become even more competitive price wise but also allow us to have diversity within the product range that no other manufacturer can boast of.  This is a huge selling point for us and I do not hesitate to say that we are the most talked about company in this business.

Last but not least we have the national ASPE conference at the end of this year.  We decided to get a larger booth than the last show and I believe it will be a wise decision to have done so.  I anticipate a large turnout and fingers crossed it will allow us to showcase some new products and also add some new reps in areas we currently have openings for.

This will be a banner year for us across the board.  Be proud to be a part of this machine we call home.  Thank you for all of your efforts and dedication to the success and quality you produce!  Trust me when I say your hard work does not go unnoticed by the outside team and most importantly our rep network.